Mold Under Engineered Hardwood Floor

You should frequently look for mold under engineered hardwood floors, along with crawl spaces. These areas are high risk due to humidity and moisture levels. The following information will cover more about mold, how to detect it, and how to treat it. Read More

Mold Behind and Under Dishwasher

Mold can build up under or behind your dishwasher and go unnoticed for a very long time. Most people think that dishwashers are mold-proof because their main purpose is to clean dishes and to prevent their exposure to the harmful fungal spores. Read More

Mold Behind Basement Wood Paneling

Mold has the ability to grow in a number of different places and includes behind paneling, especially basement wood paneling. The only thing necessary for mold to grow is moisture, a little darkness, and some humidity. This explains why it is so Read More

Mold on Ceiling Tiles in Basement

Perhaps, you have noticed black or brown stains on the ceiling tiles inside your office or home. Unfortunately, the stains might be more than eyesores. They are an indication of a big problem in your house or office associated with the accumulation Read More

Mold Behind Bathtub Wall and Surround

Mold behind bathtub walls and tub surrounds is very common because those areas commonly come in contact with moisture. In this guide we will discuss how to identify and get rid of mold that has accumulated in these areas. What are the Read More