Fungus/Mold Behind Shower Walls

It’s never too early to take action against mold behind your shower wall. If you postpone dealing with mold anywhere in your home, it could cause devastating damage to your property and to your health. If you suspect that mold has invaded Read More

Mold Behind/Under Refrigerators

Mold can live and grow behind a fridge, this can cause damage to your fridge, the walls and more and even cause health risks to your family and pets without you knowing that there is an issue. This article will tell you Read More

Mold Behind/Under/On Plaster Walls

Mold is one of the most dangerous “substances” a home could have. After all, mold will produce and spread mycotoxins in the environment at an array of degrees. Understand that if there is mold in the home – regardless of where you Read More