Mold Under Ceramic Tile Floors

Is your bathroom or kitchen tiled? Have you peeled back some of the tile and noticed dark staining underneath on the sub flooring? The dark staining you see is quite possibly mold and it will need to be addressed right away. If Read More

Mold on Plywood Sheathing in Attic

You discovered dark staining on your attic sheathing and think it may be mold, now what? Attic spaces are one of the most common places in a home for mold to be found growing. Mold on the underside of roof sheathing is Read More

Mold on OSB Subfloor in Bathroom

It is quite common to have mold on the subfloor in your bathroom due to all the moisture available. If you have found yourself in this situation, we suggest that you call today to speak with a professional for free. Why Is Read More